Рефераты American Cinema (Кино и театры Америки)

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American Cinema (Кино и театры Америки)
A big film studio, like MGM or Warner Brothers, brought to life a lot
of film stars. They could make or break a star.
The Hollywood film studio produced different types. There were the
silent Charlie Chaplin comedies of the 20s, gangster films, Frankenstein
horror films and Greta Garbo romantic melodramas of the 30s, the musicals
of the 40s and 50s, the westerns (cowboy films) of the 50s, the historical
epics of the 60s, the science fiction films of the 70s and the Steven
Spielberg action films and violent horror films of the 80s. Who knows what
the next century will be famous for?

Beverly Hills.

Most visitors to Los Angeles, California want to go and see Beverly
Hills. This is where you find the homes of the movie stars. But Beverly
Hills isn’t Los Angeles. It’s a small city next to Los Angeles. All kinds
of celebrities live in Beverly Hills. These celebrities may be movie stars,
television stars, sport stars, or other people in the news. Tourists can
buy special maps for the homes of the stars. These homes are very
beautiful. They usually have swimming pools and tennis courts. But
sometimes you cannot see very much. The homes have high walls or trees
around them. Beverly Hills is also famous for Rodeo Drive. This is one of
the most expensive shopping streets in the United States. Rodeo Drive
started to be an elegant street in the 1960s. Many famous stores are opened
on the street. People liked all the new styles and fashions they could buy.
Today you can find the most expensive and unusual clothing, jewelry and
furniture in the world on Rodeo Drive. Rodeo Drive is a very special
street. When you want to park your car in public parking, an attendant will
come and park your car for you. Beverly Hills is really a small city. Only
About 35,000 people live there. But during the day more than 200,000 people
come to Beverly Hills to work or to shop!

The major film genres.

The major film genres developed in the United States are the following:
Comedy. Charles Spencer Chaplin became the most widely recognized
comedy figure in the world. He emphasized the development of character and
plot structure, in contrast to the simple reliance on gags and gimmicks
that characterized the work of other comedy producers of the day.
Westerns. The Western (a film about life in the American West in the
past) was the first American genre to be developed and has remained a
staple of the American motion-picture art and industry. It has been
estimated that one quarter of US films have been Westerns. However, today
most American Westerns are made in Italy and are called '"spaghetti
Musicals. The musicals of the late 1920s and the early 1930s consisted
of a series of "numbers" by established stars of Broad-way, vaudeville and
radio. Later manifestations of the form were the biographical musicals,
often highly fictionalized, about great composers, musicians, singers,
providing an opportunity to string together some of their most popular
hits. The transferring of musicals intact from the Broad-way stage became
almost automatic beginning in the 1950s.
Gangster films. While the Western deals with a mythical American past
and the musical with a fantasy land, the gangster film is closely tied to a
real facet of American life. In earlier films, the gangster had risen to
the top to enjoy wealth, power, beautiful women, expensive homes and large
cars, but before the end of the film he was bound to be caught by law-
enforcement officers, overthrown by fellow gang members or killed. Such
punishment was considered obligatory. By 1971, however, "The Godfather"
showed how far the genre has evolved: Marion Brando, in the title role,
dies of old age
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