Рефераты Международное сотрудничество государств по борьбе с преступлениями наносящими ущерб их экономическому развитию /english/

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Международное сотрудничество государств по борьбе с преступлениями наносящими ущерб их экономическому развитию /english/
The University of World Economy and DiplomacyInternational Law and Comparative Legislation DepartmentRESEARCH WORKmade by graduate - student - B. A. Abdurazzakovon the subject:"International cooperation of states in combating the crimes harming the economic development of states"Scientific Advisor:K. K. Rashidov Consultant of English:G. Satimov, Ph.D. (Linguistics)TASHKENT-1998THE PLANI. Introduction. 3II. Description of crimes. 7A. Smuggling. 7B. Legalization of the criminal income. 9C. Illegal operations with narcotic means and psychotropic substances. 11D. Counterfeiting. 17III. International cooperation of the states 20A. Cooperation of the states. Forms of cooperation. 20B. Interpol - international organization of criminal police. 251. International Crime 252. Origin and Growth of International Police Co-operation 263. Purpose and main principles of a Interpol. 274. The structure of Interpol. 285. Other international organizations. 36IV. Actual problems in the field of cooperation. Prospects in combating against crime and strenghtening law and order for maintenance of economic and cultural development. 38V. Conclusions. 47VI. Bibliography 49 I. Introduction.After disintegration of the former Soviet Union, and the camp of socialism, the new order was established. And the basic element of this order is the multipolarity of the world, the availability of several centres of influence. And one of elements reflecting today's condition is the instability caused by the various factors and here not the last role plays the criminal factor. The difficult economic, political and social situation, low standards of living, growth of poverty - all this is nutritious environment for the development of criminality. The states as the institutes, in which responsibility is the organization of struggle against criminality, already have serious difficulties in combating the criminals crossing their ways. They are compelled to cooperate and to render one another legal assitance on criminal cases. All defects of international cooperation in this are area immediately used by the offenders for fulfilment and concealment of traces of crimes of international character, the number of is growing rapidly today.Since 80-th years the growth rates of criminality in the world, were increased on the average by 5 % annually. Only in the USA there are 35 billion crimes committed annually . It is possible to note, that in Russia for the period from1991 to 1995 13 million crimes were registered and in 1995г. - 3million . Under the message of MIA of Russian Federation, in 1994 in Russia there were 5600 criminal groupings. Almost in 10 times more, than it was in 1990г. The corruption at a state level has become the usual phenomenon. According to the opinions of the experts, in some countries the losses from fraud in financial sphere are equivalent to the sum making 10 % of the annual internal gross product of this country.The illegal turn-over of drugs brings to criminals the profit, amount of which makes 500 billion US dollars per year. This sum is equal to a total sum a GNP of two thirds of the members - states of the UN. The large incomes they have and from economic crimes, character and which methods are constantly improved. The more and more complex and refined manipulations with the prices on international and national exchanges are marked; sale of securities by the persons and establishments, engaging confidential information; frauds with credit cards; illegal trade of the weapon and ammunition; transfer of the incomes from illegal activity in foreign banks and their "washing up" by various methods; crimes against the cultural property; an intellectual piracy connected to the illegal edition and use of products, inventions and opening; a counterfeiting. In this connection it is considered quite tolerant, that today from 1 million USD only three hundred are false. The international danger of listed and other crimes considerably grows. They destabilize the activity of the governments, undermine bases of civil company, restrain the rights and freedom of the person, entail pernicious consequences for economic and social development of the states and represent threat to safety of the state
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