Рефераты The Khabarovsk territory

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The Khabarovsk territory
CONTENTS1. Branches of the Economy1.1 Fuel-Power Complex1.2 Machine-Building1.3 Ferrous Metallurgy1.4 Civil Engineering2. Transport and Communication2.1 Railway Transport2.2 River Transport2.3 Marine Transport2.4 Air Transport2.5 Motor Transport and Roads2.6 CommunicationTHE KHABAROVSK TERRITORYBRANCHES of the ECONOMY Fuel and Energy Complex The Territory produces 9,23 billion kWhr of electric power whichcovers 95% of the Territory's demand.The rest of the electric powercomes from the Amurskaya Region and the Primorski Territory sincethe power system of the Territory is integrated through Power Line220-500 kW into the Interconnected Power System of the East.Practically all the industrial centers of the Therritori in its southern andnear-northern parts are connected to the power network of theInterconnected Power System "Vostok-energo".Only Nikolaevsk heatelectric generation plant operates in an isolated mode. Separateconsumers in the northern areas of the Territory are supplied withelectric power from the out-of-system small diesel power stations. The installed power of the 109 power station of the Territory arenearly 2000 MW , 95 % of which belongs to heat-electric generationplants located in industrial centres. The largest power stations in the Territory are the KhabarovskHeat-Electric Generating Station -3 (HEGS-3) (540 MW), theKhabarovsk HEGS -1 (462 MW) , Amurskaya HEGS (285 MW) andKomsomolsk-on-Amur HEGS -1 (275 MW) . At present the Urgal black coal deposit is developed in theTerritory . The productivity of the Urgal mine amounts to 2,4 mln tonsof coal per year. Because of the specific features of using the coal mined,and the established practice of fuel supply , 70 % of the Urgal coaloutput is supplied to Magadan and Sakhalin Regions . At the same timeup to 7 mln tons of coal from Yakutiya , Transbaikal , Amurskaya andother regions of Russia are imported annually to the Therritory .Natural gas for energy needs and ferrous metallurgy of Komso -molsk-on-Amur industrial region is delivered by gas pipe line fromSakhalin . Oil processing industry of the Far-Eastern Economic Region isconcentrated in the Territory and is represented by the Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk Oil Refineries . These refineries satisfy over50 % of the Far East demand and run on the oil imported to the Territory(9,8 mln tons per year) . About 20 % of the oil comes from Sakhalin oilfields by oil pipe line , while 80 % is delivered by railway from Siberia. At present time works on implementation of wind energydevelopment programme are under way in the Territory . This is theonly one in the Far East wind energy assembling base for wind energyinstallations of various capacity . MACHINE-BUILDING Machine-building enterprises manufacture ocean and river ves-sels , aircrafts , diesel engines and diesel generators , metal cuttingtools , power engineering and casting machines , cable products , electrictravelling cranes , processing equipment for fish industry and consumergoods . The Khabarovsk Territory accounts for 27 % of the gross Russianoutput of electric travelling cranes , 1,8 % of diesel engines . Characteristic features of the branch are unsufficient develop -ment of accessory manufactures , poor cooperation between the localproducers , orientation of the enterprises to manufacturing productsintended to be used outside the Far-Eastern region . Up to 80 % ofmachine-building products are exported to the European part of thecountry and abroad , while the bulk of units , parts and accessorycomponents are imported from the other areas of the country . Specificity of the machine-building of the Territory consists in itsbeing a highly developed military-industrial complex comprising large -scale aircraft - and ship-building works . New tasks now facing the machine-building industry of theTerritory are namely those of its re-orientation to satisfy the needs oflocal economy and the people living here
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