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Sir Henry Rider Haggard
. She was two thousand years old and, of course, knew history and
studied all religions of the world. Ayesha (this was her name) even had her
own philosophy. She was a great chemist, indeed chemistry appears to have
been her amusement and occupation. Ayesha had one of the caves fitted up as
a laboratory.
She was a woman of peculiar beauty. “Never may the man to whom her beauty
is once unveiled put it from his mind.” Ayesha looked like a young woman of
certainly not more than thirty years in perfect health. Her white and
rounded arms, ankles, snowy argent breast, perfect and imperial shape,
gracious forms were more perfect than ever sculptor dreamed of. “Her grace
was more than human.” This woman had the great changing eyes of deepest,
softest black, marble face, broad and noble brow, lovely smile and
delicate, straight features. One who ever saw her surpassingly beautiful
and pure face, was amazed and blinded by its beauty.
At the end of the story Ayesha decided that Leo Vincey was the man she
has waited for. She thought that Leo really was a reincarnation of her
beloved Kallikrates, because their likeness and resemblance amazed her.
This woman wanted to make Leo Vincey immortal in order he could marry her.
That is why he had to step into the Eternal Fire of Life… But Leo doubted
how could he know that it wouldn’t utterly destroy him. So, Ayesha asked
him: “Oh, my Kallikrates, if you see me stand in the flame and come out
unharmed, will you enter then.” Leo agreed and said: “Yes!!!” And Ayesha
stepped into the Fire and never came back.
So, this was the end of the first story about this mysterious woman. But
When I read the second book, I found out that after a while She restored to
life again.
This book was not written for any specific group or class. The author
even does not insist on his point of view. He thinks that a reader must
judge the history (the story) himself, that is why the story is presented
like memories or the main hero – Horace Holly. But I think that the
intended audience should be young broad-minded people, who has bright
imagination and will be able to develop Haggard’s idea or, maybe on the
contrary, - to dispute his opinion. A story that began more than two
thousand years ago may stretch a long way into the dim and of the story is
not reached yet. Haggard wrote an endless story and in it, he raised a
question of Life and Death that has always occupied people minds. This is
the question about rebirth of both, mind and body after death.
The purpose of this book is to make a man reflect on the purport of life
and make him try to solve the most important problem for humanity – the
question about life prolongation.
The message of the book is to make a man believe that his life after
death does not come to an end, but after a while the rebirth of soul and
body will be and “to the world his is born again and again.”
Rider Haggard wrote this book with an intention to share with a reader
his thoughts and ideas about Past, Present and Future of mankind. He wanted
to bring up for discussion the subject of Immortality and Eternal Life.
Haggard in his novel uses specific literary method. He depicts all the
events very brightly and thus a reader finds himself in the deepest jungle
of civilization among the savages, in Africa. Excited about impending
adventure, with his heart filled with mingled dread and curiosity the
reader shares the adventures with the heroes. The main heroes of the story
often turn over their minds the events that they experienced and share
their thoughts with the reader.
The author often uses inversion as a quite unusual rhetorical device in
order to lend the speech of the main heroes still greater importance.
Savages never called their Queen by name
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